AI-generated recipes for when you’re all out of ideas.

Developed by AI

All of our recipes are generated by various generative AI platforms. Our team crafts the prompts, using a couple of ingredient suggestions or dish types, and AI tools deliver. We amend the recipes as needed to make sure they are delicious and safe for human consumption.

Tested in Our Kitchens

Our (very human) team of home chefs tests most of the recipes we publish here in our own home kitchens. We are transparent in which recipes have been tested in our kitchens and which haven’t, and we invite our community and readers to contribute their own thoughts and tips.

Digital to Table

Pinch of AI is an ongoing experiment with the goal of testing the role of generative AI and other digital tools in making at-home cooking and nutrition better for humans. This experiment is less about inventing new dishes and more about adding value and excitement to human palates.  

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